As a voluntary organisation, we want to shape the district together and in solidarity, using the potential and diversity around Hasselbachplatz. To this end, we have created a non-commercial open space where people can meet and exchange ideas. We also organise events and projects on a voluntary basis in the areas of political education, urban design, art and culture as well as counselling.

The KiezLichter project aims to offer the residents of our neighbourhood on Hasselbachplatz the opportunity to enjoy films free of charge at least once a month. Our aim is to create an inclusive, low-threshold and welcoming atmosphere where people of all ages and social backgrounds are welcome. We want to appeal not only to students, but also to working people, families, children and senior citizens.

As part of the project, we will show a diverse selection of films covering different genres, themes and cultural backgrounds. Our aim is to reflect the diversity of our community, encourage interactive exchange after the film screenings and create new spaces for encounters.

The cinema programme will be advertised in advance with flyers and posts on Instagram, as well as on our association website.

More information soon here and on Instagram!


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