A Hassel for all!

platz*machen in Magdeburg

We make room for all those who otherwise have no place! Since 2021 you can find us at Tacheles in Sternstrasse 30, directly at Hasselbachplatz in Magdeburg. As an NGO, we are committed to an open and tolerant society.

We want to shape the neighborhood together and in solidarity, using the potential and diversity around the Hasselbachplatz. For that we have created a non-commercial open space where people can meet and engage in mutual exchange. In addition, we organize on a voluntary basis projects in the areas of political education, urban design, art and culture, and consulting.

Current Events

The Tacheles

The Tacheles is both a neighborhood store and the headquarters of our association. Directly at the Hasselbachplatz at Sternstrasse 30, it offers the people of the neighborhood and beyond the opportunity to come together and exchange ideas. Many of our regular events take place here and there is also the possibility for you to use the rooms for free.

Come in


Projects are what platz*machen is all about. At the same time, many projects would not be possible without the Kiezladen and the association. Everyone is free to initiate new projects and bring in their own ideas - you too can realize your project with us! Have a look at the current projects.

Kitchen for all in front of the Tacheles.

Kitchen for all and Foodsharing

We regularly offer warm food, hot drinks and more at various locations in the city.


Fahrradwerkstatt PaRADies

Repariere dein Fahrrad oder lerne es bei uns. Wir bieten dir Reparaturequipment und Knowhow. Jeden Donnerstag 15:30-17…


Open Space

Friday evenings the Kiezladen Tacheles is open for culture. It not only invites you to stay uncommercial, but also brin…

Mit bunten Farben ist eine aufgeschnittene Torte auf dunkelblauen Hintergrund gezeichnet. In der Ecke steht: Kiez café: Platz & Kuchen. Kaffee und Kuchen gegen Spende, jeden Donnerstag 15-17Uhr

Neighborhood Café: Platz & Kuchen

Coffee and cake for a donation, Neighborly exchange and cozy get-together. Come by and bring neighbors, roommates, fri…

Weiße Schrift auf rosafarbenen Untergrund: Soli Kalender 2023

Soli-Kalender 2023

Solidarity through the next year - the Soli Calendar is here! Pictures of militant protest, progressive cultural even…

Further Projects


Our association platz*machen e.V. was founded out of the idea to actively shape the Hasselbachplatz and to bring social change through self-organization, participation and commitment. For this we had to create structures for ourselves, develop a self-understanding and build up a network of partners in Magdeburg.

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