The projects we do and support are at least as diverse as we are. But they are all based on our self-understanding, and can thus be classified in one (or more) of the four core pillars of our NGO: "political education and networking", "urban design co-planing", "arts and culture" and "contact point and consulting". Here you can get an overview of all current projects.

Stühle aufn Hassel mit Bahn im hintergrund

Meeting Café

Wednesday at 6 pm

The meeting café creates a cosy place to strengthen the dialogue between new and old …


Fahrradwerkstatt PaRADies

Thursday 3:30-5:30 pm

Repair your bike or learn it with us. We offer repair equipment and know-how. Every …

Mit bunten Farben ist eine aufgeschnittene Torte auf dunkelblauen Hintergrund gezeichnet. In der Ecke steht: Kiez café: Platz & Kuchen. Kaffee und Kuchen gegen Spende, jeden Donnerstag 15-17Uhr

Neighborhood Café: Platz & Kuchen

Thursday 3-5 pm

Coffee and cake for a donation, Neighborly exchange and cozy get-together. Come by and bring …

Küfa, am Hasselbachplatz

Kitchen for all and Foodsharing

to pause

We regularly offer warm food, hot drinks and more at various locations in the city.

Stühle die auf den Hasselbachplatz auf den Schienen der Straßenbahn stehen.

Mediation im Kiez

Tuesday 5-7 pm

Bei "Mediation im Kiez" unterstützen Sie professionell ausgebildete Mediator:innen bei der Lösung von Konflikten. Sie …

different food (croissant, melon, cheese, apple, cake, coffee pot, lemon) on yellow background.


every 1st sunday of the month | 11am - 2pm

neighborly get-together and eat together.

Do you have an idea for a project in the neighbourhood? Or you are a group that searches for a room for your activities? Great! The Tacheles is there for people to make use of it. Write us an e-mail with your idea to

Place for Ideas

Do you have an idea for a project in the neighbourhood? Or you are a …


Open Space

mehr Infos im Veranstaltungskalender

Fridays, Saturdays and under the week the Kiezladen Tacheles is open for culture. It not …

A Person in front of the book shelf of the tacheles.


Thursday 5-7 pm

We are an independent, self-organized collective of individuals whose aim is to improve access to …

Our self-understanding