The NGO platz*machen e.V.

In the summer of 2020, a group of young people founded platz*machen. Our goal is to transform Has- selbachplatz into a place of political education and exchange, where people from the neighborhood can support each other, get to know one another, continue their education, and feel comfortable. Since January 2021, we can be found in our neighborhood shop "Tacheles" at Sternstraße 30. If you would like to join us, send us a message or drop by! More information about our projects can be found here on our website.

Our self-understanding

We aim to stand together for a solidarity-based coexistence and a socially just society. Our goal is to expand the participation opportunities for the people who frequent Hasselbachplatz and with whom we are in contact. To this end, we provide a community-operated and usable space and work on vari- ous projects related to political education, cultural participation, social counseling and emergency assistance, as well as networking of (local) actors.

We see ourselves as a solidarity-based coalition of various working groups, projects, and individuals who operate in and around the neighborhood shop. They are committed to our self-conception and make decisions internally and autonomously. At the same time, we regularly engage in dialogue and exchange, offering a platform for political debates, discussions, and personal development.

We clearly distance ourselves from any form of discrimination, including offensive language. Mem- bership in or sympathy with groups and organizations that spread such ideologies is not tolerated here.

However, we engage in non-violent exchange and dialogue with people whose views do not fully align with our self-conception. We work critically and dynamically on our perspectives and practice self- reflection. We use awareness and mediation structures to address conflicts in a needs-oriented man- ner and resolve them peacefully. We promote an open and constructive culture of error.

We work critically and dynamically on our point of view and practise self-reflection. We use awareness and mediation structures to deal with conflicts in a needs-oriented way and resolve them in a non-violent manner. solve them without violence. We promote an open and constructive error culture.

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Our anti-discriminatory stance is reflected in our self-concept and organizational structure. The struc- ture is constantly evolving and reflects the diversity and dynamism of our community. All members work on a voluntary basis; we have no permanent employees.

At the center is our "core group," which handles all important tasks within the association. These in- clude public relations, space management, financing, and organizing events. We make decisions coll- ectively and strive for solutions that support all members.

Additionally, there are independent projects that showcase the diversity of our members and cover va- rious areas of our association's goals, such as political education, urban design, art and culture, and counseling services. One example is our "Critical Library," where books can be borrowed free of charge. The events organized by these projects are open to the public and warmly invite both active participants and those interested. More information can be found under "projects"

Besides the internal projects, our space is also used by external groups, either regularly or sporadi- cally. Examples include meetings of Fridays for Future Magdeburg or Seebrücke Magdeburg, which take place here.

We look forward to your visit!

Our network

Magdeburg has a lot to offer and a lively cultural and political community. Therefore, we work together with many like-minded associations and organizations and form a social and political network that advocates for relevant issues in our city. Below you will find a selection of our friends, partners and supporters:

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