The NGO platz*machen e.V.

Our association was founded in the summer of 2020 as an association of friends and like-minded people with the vision of making the Hasselbachplatz, contrary to its reputation, a place of solidarity where everyone can feel comfortable. Even the Corona pandemic could not stop this project, and in January 2021 we opened our neighborhood store at Sternstraße 30.

Since then, we have grown, put on events and projects that many would not have believed us capable of, and fought for an important voice in the city. A voice for the Hasselbachplatz and for those who otherwise have no place and no voice.

Together with all the great and committed people we met on our way, we will continue to stand up for our values and goals at the Hasselbachplatz and in Magdeburg. And if you also feel the need to stand up for your neighborhood and your city, we look forward to welcoming you soon at the Tacheles!

Our self-understanding

We want to work together for solidarity and a socially just and sustainable society. For this, we work in particular with offers for empowerment, education and participation and actively promote the political participation of all people.

We see ourselves as an emancipatory, intersectional, solidarity, cooperative, undogmatic, inclusive, anti-racist, queer*-feminist, anti-fascist, anti-classist, anti-capitalist group.

We treat each other with respect and appreciation.

We value non-violent communication. We work with democratic structures. In this, we promote autonomous working groups that are committed to our self-understanding and enjoy a vote of confidence in their internal decisions.

We clearly distance ourselves as a group from racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism against Sinti*zze and Rom*nja, homophobia & queerphobia, ableism, class discrimination, age discrimination and all other forms of discrimination, including offensive language. Belonging to and sympathizing with groups and organizations that spread such ideas will also not be tolerated here.

Nevertheless, we engage in non-violent exchange and dialogue with people whose views do not correspond to our self-understanding in all respects.

We work critically and dynamically on our perspective and practice self-reflection. We use awareness structures to address conflicts in a needs-oriented manner and to resolve them without violence. We promote an open and constructive error culture.

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The structure of the association has grown over time and has resulted from the recurring and changing challenges in the first year of existence. However, the fundamental basis for the platz*machen community is indisputably our self-understanding, on which everything else is built.

Formally, we need a board of directors that is elected every two years, but the central body within our structures is the store council. Here, representatives of the individual projects and AGs as well as other interested people meet every two weeks for updates, mutual exchange and general decision-making.

Our AGs and projects reflect the diversity of our fields of activity and essentially act autonomously - in this way we ensure that decentralized structures are maintained and can counteract knowledge hierarchies. External associations and partner organizations that cooperate with us or share the premises at Tacheles round out the platz*machen community.

Our network

Magdeburg has a lot to offer and a lively cultural and political community. Therefore, we work together with many like-minded associations and organizations and form a social and political network that advocates for relevant issues in our city. Below you will find a selection of our friends, partners and supporters:

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