Kitchen for all and Foodsharing

Saturday 4-6:30 pm


Homemade vegan food - free of charge and without presenting entitlement certificates or similar.


The KüFa provides people at Hasselbachplatz with a warm meal. In the meantime, it has established itself as a meeting place for people from the neighbourhood and beyond.

The platz*machen cold bus is a complementary project of the KüfA and is designed as a mobile distributor for food, clothing and other relief supplies. The bus follows a regular tour to various locations. In this way, we hope to provide crucial support to people who need it. For people without a fixed abode, we have sleeping bags, warm clothes, hygiene articles and much more.

Some of the food comes from people who do foodsharing. We have a foodsharing sharing point and a freezer at the Tacheles.

When & Where:

Every Saturday from 4-6:30 pm at our Kiezladen at Sternstraße 30, Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof, Neustädter Platz and Nicolaiplatz.

An initiative in cooperation with the Bahnhofsmission Magdeburg and the AWO-Landesjugendwerk Saxony-Anhalt, supported by the Student Council for Humanities Magdeburg.

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Saturday 4-6:30 pm

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