Mediation in the Neighborhood

Tuesday 5-7 pm

You have a conflict that is a burden and that influences your relationships? At "Mediation im Kiez" (English "Mediation in the Neighborhood") professionally trained mediators support you in resolving the conflict. MiK mediators work confidentially and impartially so that a settlement can be reached with which all parties involved in the conflict agree. The voluntary service is aimed at families and private individuals, groups and associations in Magdeburg who are unable to take advantage of commercial mediation due to the high costs involved. You can reach us by telephone on Tuesdays from 5 to 7 p.m. on 0157 / 510 962 54 or via e-mail Then we can evaluate if a mediation could be a solution for you.

Media - what?

Do you feel you are being treated unfairly? Are there arguments at work? People are talking past each other at home? In mediation, the conflicting parties sit down at a table with a neutral and trustworthy person. Together with trained mediators, they look for solutions that take the best possible account of everyone's interests. The discussions take place in a protected and respectful environment. In this safe environment, it is often easier to speak openly. Care is taken to ensure that each party to the conflict has its say, that all opinions are heard and that it is clear what the parties are concerned about.

Steps to mediation

The first step is to contact us.

An initial meeting takes place - free of charge and without obligation.

Are you interested? All parties involved make an appointment for mediation. A mediation appointment lasts a maximum of 2 hours. A mediation offer comprises a maximum of 5 sessions. Each session is subject to a minimum donation of five euros per person.

Important information about our mediation process

If all parties involved are interested in mediation after an initial talk, a mediator will be selected. Whether mediation takes place depends on the nature of the conflict and the availability of the trained mediators. We aim for prompt mediation, but cannot guarantee it. Our offer is aimed at people who cannot afford to pay for commercial mediation and is limited to a maximum of five sessions. The parties to the conflict are asked to make a donation of five euros per session per person, if possible. This serves to cover the costs of materials, travel expenses, etc. Mediation usually takes place in the protected and quiet environment of the TACHELES community center.

Contact us

Office hours:

by phone/e-mail and in person if required

Tuesdays 5 – 7 p.m.

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0157 / 510 962 54

Outside office hours:

Leave your contact details on the mailbox or by SMS. We will call you back. Or send an e-mail to We will get back to you.

Tuesday 5-7 pm

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