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We are an independent, self-organized collective of individuals whose aim is to improve access to diverse, critical literature in Magdeburg, as well as literature less influenced by language, origin or religion when compared to that of conventional bookstores or libraries. For this purpose, we provide books for donation or for loan which would normally be difficult to find in Magdeburg, e.g. progressive children's books, books by non-white people, feminist novels, etc.

Together with platz*machen, we want to create a safer space in which people can deal with topics such as anti-racism, decolonization, gender, colonialism, patriarchy, etc. We want to work without profit and independently of donors, but at the same time, we need donations for the procurement of new books. If you have any suggestions or ideas that would help us better implement our goals, feel free to drop by and talk to us in person, or write us a message at zusammengebunden@riseup.net.

We look forward to your visit, or your comments!


You can see which books are available in Tacheles at the moment in the literature list. Please help keeping the stock constant by returning the borrowed books within the pre-arranged term.


The loaning system for the books relies on a principle of trust. During our opening hours you can simply come by and create a “library card“. You will receive a small card for a deposit that allows you to loan and return books during our opening hours. To make sure that as many people as possible are able to read the books, the loan term is six weeks.

Cooperation with the Feminist Library

There already is a library on campus of the Otto-von-Guericke University which offers about 130 books on topics such as Queer and Gender Studies, body, history of feminism and international feminist combats. The feminist library is run by the feminist unit of the university's student council. You can find out about the loan system of the feminist library in Tacheles during our opening hours if you're interested.

Thursday 5-7 pm

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